Meet our Pop Icons

Get to know A-List Maine Coon Cats

Cher “Goddess of Pop” and if you could turn back time you would see this lovely lady was born in Oklahoma despite being pure Russian. Her cotton-like coat is a beautiful silver (MCO s) and her tail is as fluffy as ever.


Celine “Queen of Power Ballads” may not sing as well as the original but she sure tries. Her beauty is made up in her Russian black smoke coat (MCO ns) and her gentle personality.


Dolly “The Queen, The Legend of Country” can’t sing as well as the real “backwoods Barbie” but she’s just as kind and beautiful! Her orange and cream coat is just as beautiful as her personality!


Though Janet’s brother's name helped her get fame, she earned her Hall of Fame title all on her own. Don’t be scared of her intimidating face, she’s the sweetest black smoke (MCO ns) ever and even shares your pillow.


Madonna can Vogue just like any other celebrity. Full of style and sass, born and raised in Texas, she is loud and proud with her silver classic tabby coat (MCO s22) she runs the house with her queen-like attitude.


Maria, this stunning songbird supreme wants is to show off her sweet personality and stunning fluffy silver coat as she runs her own show. She is a loving deva and loves people.


Country Queen Reba is imported from Russia and has beautiful vibrant red hair (MCO d22) just like the one you know. She is one of our biggest queens and knows it. She is the sweetest but is always down to play!


Taylor “America’s sweetheart” our girl is from Russia may be a bit of a diva but she just as loving as you think! Her fluffy, sliver coat shines constantly and she always loves to flaunt it!



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